Our season runs from September through June, we combine the May & June tuition payments.  They combined May & June tuition payment is due no later than May 15th. 

Full Tuition is due every month regardless of attendance and /or holidays.  Tuition for the year is divided into 10 equal installments.  Payments do not vary due to holidays or the number of weeks in a month.  Tuition is not prorated. 

First month’s tuition is due at the time of registration. 

Tuition can be paid through automatic withdrawal from your credit or debit card account.  Automatic payments are taken on the 6th of each month.  Tuition will be charged directly to your specified credit card.  On Auto Pay we automatically withdrawal monthly tuition, costume deposits (10/1, 11/1, 1/15), and recital fee (5/15). 

If you are on automatic payment with the studio and wish to change it to cash or check, you must give the studio written notification.  Credit cards on file that are rejected will be charged a $5 service fee. 

We accept cash, checks, or money orders for tuition payment.  We ask you to please write your child’s name in the memo portion of the check. 

A $35 fee will be charged for any check returned by the bank. Receipt of a second returned check will require cash payments for all future transactions.  If collection is necessary, parents/guardians are responsible for collection fees, court costs, etc. 

Withdrawal – parent/guardians who wish to withdraw a student from our school MUST submit Withdrawal form to the studio by the 15th of the month.  Failure to do so will make you financially responsible for full tuition payment for the following month. 

Missed classes will not result in prorated tuition or refund.  Make – up classes may be scheduled by email for those students who miss class due to illness/injury.  Missed classes must be made up within thirty days. 

Full month tuition is due the first class of each month but no later than the 15th of each monthIf not paid by the 15th there will be a $15 late charge applied to your account.  Reminders will be sent out if payment is late.

Postdated checks will not be accepted. 

ALL payments will cease at the end of the season.  Students must register for each season. (full season – September – June,   Summer Sessions) 

Withdrawal Form

~IMPORTANT NOTE~ This form must be completed and submitted to our office by the 15th of the month to avoid being required to pay further tuition payments. If the form is not received by the 15th of the month, you will be responsible for the tuition of the dropped classes, regardless of attendance for the coming months until the form is submitted.

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